Trade Fairs/Seminars

Mitutoyo Information Center of Metrology, MIM

Next to offering a comprehensive program of advanced training courses, Mitutoyo also cultivates knowledge transfer among experts from all areas of length measuring technology. The Information Center of Metrology (MIM) is at the heart of these training and seminar activities – a center for education open to everybody who is interested in metrology.

Besides technical and software-related training courses, the MIM offers basic seminars on length measuring technology, e. g. hardness testing, vision measurement, surface measurement, inspection equipment monitoring and small tools measurement.

Great importance is attached to the practical communication of the contents. Hence, the training courses are also perfectly suited for participants working in manufacturing, design engineering and material testing.

System-related product training courses over one or several days often granted free of charge to the buyers of most of Mitutoyo’s stationary measuring instruments are also held at the MIM.

In addition, in-depth trainings on special subjects are offered – at times supported by external referees from universities or other technical institutes.

Basic philosophy of the Information Center of Metrology is the exchange of experience and knowledge, imparting the course contents but also fostering the dialogue among experts.  Therefore, besides the Mitutoyo customers, the MIM is open for specialists from the fields of manufacturing, service, science and research.

Want to know more about our training courses, seminars and the special events offered by the Mitutoyo Information Center of Metrology? We will be pleased to answer your questions - please get in contact with your local Mitutoyo subsidiary!