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New: Software MeasurLink7 - Now Available in Four Editions



The current version of Mitutoyo's high-end software MeasurLink for statistical process control is now available in four editions.

MeasurLink7 serves for the detection, analysis and management of measurement data and attributive features in real time. This software supports digital measuring equipment, from callipers to vision measurement systems or coordinate measuring machines. After manual acquisition, even the data from analogue devices can be integrated without any trouble.

The open program architecture of MeasurLink7 even makes it possi-ble to acquire measurement results also from other manufacturers' devices and to integrate then into the process flow. This opens up all options for a measurement data-based quality management.

MeasurLink7 has a modular structure and is available in four editions:

  • Real-Time Professional serves for acquiring and filtering data.
  • Real-Time Professional 3D additionally offers the option of displaying measurement results directly on the CAD data set.
  • MeasurLink Process Analyzer Professional was developed especially for the analysis of already existing measurement data.
  • The MeasurLink Process Manager facilitates the display of currently running processes. With this option, quality management or the production manager is provided with a quick overview of critical processes and can promptly initiate the necessary steps in case of errors.